Rules for Glass-SM

To be able to win Glass-SM 2022, you must compete in all four categories.

All ice creams most contain topping, but keep in mind that it is the taste that is judged.

The ice cream and sorbet mixture is made by the competitor at home and brought to the competition. The ice creams and sorbets are frozen on site. Schedule for freezing and presentation to the jury will be announced the week before the competition.

You as a competitor must give the jury a note with information about what you serve in each category.

For example:
The ice cream master's choice: Contestant no. 1

Orange and hazelnut ice cream with caramel topping, vanilla glazed orange wedges and Brownie cubes.

Shock freezers, displays and ice cream machines from Carpigiani and Valmar Scandinavia for 4 kg ice cream base will be on site. Ice cream and sorbet left over after assessment will be distributed to visitors to GastroNord.

We will return with the measurements of canteens that will be used in each category 3 weeks before the competition. It is clear that the Ice Cream Master's choice will be served in wide canteens.

On site, there is a person from the company who makes the ice cream at the machine. The person must be employed as an owner or ice cream master in the company you represent.

The winner, Swedish Ice Cream Master, undertakes to participate one day in an event organized by Arla and also contribute with two recipes that are produced during the competition which is then published on

1st prize, also Swedish Ice Cream Master 2022, wins SEK 20,000 to use for an optional ice cream education, a work coat embroidered with "Swedish Ice Cream Champion" and a hiking trophy.

Gold, silver and bronze winners in each category receive diplomas and decals.

Exclusive price, Best Hazelnut Ice Cream:

The winner of Best Hazelnut Ice Cream wins a full day at Valmar Scandinavia's Gelato Academy in Malmö, together with Valmar's own fantastic gelato master.

Category 1. The ice cream master's choice

Category 2. Hazelnut ice cream

Category 3. Strawberry sorbet

Category 4. Arla Pro Greek Yogurt. Yogurt should be the prominent taste in this category but may be supplemented with optional berries. Can be like a Variagatto or that you add the berries in pure form. But the important thing is that the yogurt is prominent.

Registration for Glass-SM isclosed!

It is free to register for Glass-SM.

Participants who receive a confirmed competition place pay SEK 500 (excl. VAT) in competition fee per category.

If you compete in four categories, the registration fee is SEK 1,500 (excl. VAT