wine and clams

GastroNord moved to April 5 – 7, 2022

In response to the COVID-19 situation, on 12 March this year the Swedish Government resolved to prohibit large public gatherings and events until further notice. Over eight months later, we have moved GastroNord twice and there are still no signs of restrictions on exhibitions being lifted, despite active lobbying from us and everyone else in our industry, in order to find a safe way to resume our business. In addition, the pandemic is currently in a situation where the spread of infection is increasing dramatically. Taking all these circumstances into account, it has become clear that performing GastroNord in March 2021 is no longer possible. In consultation with the industry, we have therefore decided to cancel GastroNord once again. The next iteration is now planned for 5-7 April, 2022.
“We could never have predicted that the pandemic would continue this long. The reality in Sweden and internationally paints a stark picture and unfortunately we have no choice but to cancel the exhibition once again, and hope for a safe and successful event in 5-7 April, 2022 instead,” says Annika Linderoth, Project Manager GastroNord.