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We have over 25 years of experience in the development of extraordinary high-quality kettles. Our passion lies in providing our customers with the best solution to produce consistently the finest meals in the most efficient way and make every day for kitchen staff easier and safer.
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  • Genier ACE

    Genier ACE Born to be your guiding star.
    Equipped with superior intelligence.
    Fully automated
    World’s brightest kettle
    Power and versatility
    I am Genier ACE, the most versatile kettle that you will meet. I was born under the Nordic sky, equipped with superior intelligence. Like a guiding star, I will lead your cooking process to excellent results, every single time.

    I listen, respond and adapt to your changing needs and accomplish them efficiently. I was trained to work with different production methods from cook-serve to cook-chill and everything in between.
    I will ensure you achieve all your goals. Challenge me – I’m ready to convince you! Länk till produkten »

  • Genier GO!

    Genier GO! Born to support you.
    Equipped with outstanding performance.
    Consistent Quality
    Reduced manual labour
    User-friendly operation
    I am Genier GO! – easier to work with and born to perform in all conditions. I will improve your processes and guarantee perfect results, every time. My user-friendly features will ensure that working with me is always a pleasure. I am keen to help you achieve your goals, from consistent quality to cost savings.

    Let’s GO! and move towards optimised cooking and improved customer satisfaction! Länk till produkten »



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