Bocuse d’Or Sweden young Commis Award

Gastronomi Sverige AB is hosting Bocuse d’Or Sweden young Commis Award that is a cooking competition for young female chefs at GastroNord.
The competition is directed to young female chefs with the purpose to get more females to stay in the industries. Also to compete in international competitions. Above all, Gastronomi Sverige wants the competition to invite females to compete in Bocuse d'Or, the worlds most prestigious competition for chefs. Commis is the name of the assistant apprentice chef in a professional kitchen. There is always a Commis in the Bocuse d’Or team and that role is a great start to keep competing for a longer career.

Isabella Winkler winner of Commis Award

A big congratulation to Isabella Winlker who won Commis Award this year!

Photo: Johan Skeppner

This year's competitors

This year's competitors was Isabella Winkler, Wilma Johansson, Paulina Änggren and Annie Thulin. Incredibly great work by all four!