Big savings with Wexiödisk’s pre-rinse machine PRM

The dishwasher producer Wexiödisk, one of the exhibitors at GastroNord 2022, places great focus on a sustainable working environment. With their PRM solution, no manual pre-rinse is needed, which eliminates the monotonous work step and saves large quantities of water. Wexiödisk’s products have for many years been installed at the Michelin restaurant PM & Vänner in Växjö.

– The PRM solution reuses water from the dishwasher, which is already heated from the previous washing process. That means lower consumption of water, chemicals and energy and is a big win for the environment. Compared to the water consumption with the manual pre-rinse, we expect that the repayment period is about 1 year for the PRM unit. A relatively short repayment period to save both money and our environment, says Wexiödisks sales manager Henrik Florentzson.

A restaurant that washes about 100 dish baskets on average every day saves around 150 working hours per year, and at the same time 35 000 monotonous movements are avoided. That is a lot of manpower that can be used in better ways and in an industry with a huge staff shortage, which means a great win for the restaurant kitchens.

– What we want to emphasize is that the machine is supposed to help do the work. You don’t have to pre-wash with a manual rinse by hand. That consumes a great deal of water and is an ergonomic challenge, as well as tying staff to perform that chore, says Henrik Florentzson.

Wexiödisk will be exhibiting at GastroNord on April 5 2022, and explain more about how restaurants can streamline the work in the sculleries.