Wexiödisk is displaying news at GastroNord: ergonomics, environment and circular thinking

After a long break, it is finally time to start meeting up again. On April 5, 2022, GastroNord opens up its doors and Wexiödisk is one of many exhibitors looking forward to showing off their products and solutions, where ergonomics and environment are in focus. 

At GastroNord 2022, visitors and exhibitors alike will take part of a variety of new products and innovations. The desire to meet up again is huge and at GastroNord it is also directly linked to business use. 

An important issue at GastroNord will be how the industry is able to meet and work together towards a healthy and sustainable working environment. The exhibitor Wexiödisk isconstantly developing products to meet the requirements the industry sets.

Important addition 
We sell scullery solutions that give clean disheswhich are built on our understanding of how a scullery works. To us, it is important to meet with the customer, convey the message and show our dishwashers in real life, which we will now be doing at GastroNord. It is an important addition to the digital channels, says Henrik Florentzson, sales manager at Wexiödisk.

Economics, ergonomics and environment are the keywords that permeate the business and the design of the products.
– There are many parts contributing to an ergonomic workplace. We want to eliminate all the un necessary lifting and work above should height, which increases the risk of repetitive strain injury, says Henrik Florentzson. 

Circular thinking
Wexiödisk will among other things present its two newest products at GastroNord. One is a new combination dishwasher with larger capacity, where through a simple handle you can wash both large and heavy things like pots and finer things such as glass and plates in the same wash cycle. Henrik explains the use of the larger capacity.

The new machine has a larger washing chamber and therefore larger capacity so that you can also wash food transport trays. Catering has increased during the pandemic and there it is important to wash and reuse transport trays and plastic containers. It is more of a circular thinking, says Henrik Florentzson.

Time saving 
The other piece of news from Wexiödisk is a machine intended for washing of glasses, where the glasses are tilted after being washed. The tilting drains the water from the final rinse and the need for polishing the glasses afterwards decreases. The idea is once again that the machines do the work, to save on monotonous work steps.