Waipo digitalises its business – meet theserving robot at GastroNord!

A flood is washing over the industry, a flood of digital processes and automation. Waipo, which is part of the Pong Group, has chosen to completely digitalise their operations.

To Waipo, this investment means cash register and menu free restaurants. Instead, the customer scans a QR code at the table with their smartphone, the restaurant’s menus appear and then the customers order from that and pay when they are ready.

Mike Zhan, one of the Pong Group’s founders, thinks that the digital conversion of the industry only has begun, and that restaurants will have to adjust to keep up with these developments. His advice is to invest in digitalisation already at the design stage, to avoid potential restructuring in the near future. Waipo has not only implemented smart solutions for ordering and payment for food, they have also extended their staff with the robot Annie!

Annie is a BellaBot, specialised in food delivery. She delivers the food to pre-set places in the restaurant, where serving staff then take over and serve the visitors. This collaboration means that the staff can avoid heavy lifting as well as being available for guests.

At GastroNord there will be more news on digitalisation and automation. There will also be an almost identical version of Annie in the fair halls. See you April 5-7 at Stockholmsmässan!