‘Meeting in person is extremely important’

At a venue such as GastroNord you have the time and the space to meet up and build relationships.
–We want to meet restaurateurs who want to solve problems and streamline their business through digitalisation, says the exhibitor Daniel Corin Stig, Marketing Manager at WEIQ.

WEIQ offers a complete digital solution for orders and payment at restaurants. To build trust and have good relationships with their clients is important to WEIQ, and therefore they are looking forward to exhibiting at GastroNord a great deal.

– The service was launched in 2019 and we exhibited at GastroNord already that first year. We need to build trust and that’s why the personal meeting is so extremely important, says Daniel Corin Stig, Marketing Manager at WEIQ.

As a supplier to restaurants, Daniel can see special advantages with WEIQ exhibiting at GastroNord.

– Many restaurateurs are so busy in their day to day work of offering their visitors good service, and it can be hard to make the time required to familiarize themselves with new things. That is why fairs such as GastroNord are such important venues, where everyone gathers with their eyes open. The visitors come here looking for something, they want to solve a problem or streamline their operations. That is the strength of fairs, says Daniel.

‘The great taboo must be broken’
Digital solutions have long been associated with large investments or to have steep learning curves that only IT techs could understand. The reality is very different, though.

– It is important to physically show the product, most restaurants are surprised when they see how easy it is to use. We have a simple solution where you order and pay via your mobile, no logging in or registering. Nor do you have to share menus with other guests or use the same card terminals, which has made everything easier during the pandemic, says Daniel.

There are more myths that should be put on ice, Daniel explains how WEIQ thinks regarding digitalisation making people unemployed.

– The great taboo must be broken, it is not about letting people go. It is not about replacing staff with digital solutions, there is a huge shortage of staff in the restaurant industry and this should be an aid for the staff. Restaurants can use its staff in different ways, which can increase the personal service for the guests. They can also hire less experienced staff, which makes it easier for youths and recent graduates to enter working life, Daniel explains.

Digitalisation affects most industries. At GastroNord, restaurants and commercial kitchens will gather and be inspired by how restaurants can adapt to the new digital era.