ScanBox wants to reduce food waste overall

Food waste is often seen as a result of us throwing food away at the actual restaurant. The fact is that a great deal of the food has to be thrown out even before it reaches the restaurants. Since nearly a third of all food produced ends up in the bins, food waste reduction at all stages is enormously important. The veteran exhibitor Scan Box presents its new solutions at GastroNord 2022.

GastroNord is back in 2022, and an exhibitor who is eager to present its greatest update of their product range ever is ScanBox. For nearly 20 years, ScanBox has adorned the fair halls with their products and news within food transport management. In a time where food waste is one of the most important issues regarding the environmental impact of restaurants, they see it as extra important to participate this Spring.

The largest climate impact
– Food waste constitutes the restaurants largest climate impact. We mainly look at transport solutions, where we through surveys have seen that food sometimes remains in heating cabinets for several hours.  The quality is greatly reduced and it is easy to understand that consumers complain. We don’t just create smart heating cabinets, but also help with logistics for food transport to our customers. If you can deliver food of high quality to the end consumer, we also believe that food waste is reduced, says Christer Askerot, Head of Business Development at ScanBox.

Innovative IoT solutions in the heating cabinets can measure temperatures in real time as well as keep the heat steady during transport.

– If the temperature drops, we see it immediately. The correct degree is very important for keeping the taste and quality of the food, Christer Askerot adds.

GastroNord 2022 is a priority (the right people in the right place, historically)
Fairs are an important platform for ScanBox and they frequently take part in different expos around the world. As society is moving more towards digital meetings, it is extra important to also be able to meet potential customers in person, says Christer Askerot.

– Fairs have always been an important platform for us. At GastroNord, we reach both customers and policy makers and can promote the business in situ, which is incredibly valuable, an optimistic Christer Askerot concludes.

Very welcome to GastroNord, April 5-7 2022, for more inspiration and information on how we all can contribute to reducing food waste!