Fredrik Eriksson actively works to create an attractive work place

GastroNord gathers actors from all of the restaurant industry under one roof where the exchange in knowledge, business and relations are in focus. Sadly, today’s industry is characterised by high staff turnover, which makes it more difficult to recruit staff who are committed to the profession. The restaurateur Fredrik Eriksson wants to turn this negative trend around and is encouraging the industry as a whole to take action to create attractive work places.

The restaurateur Fredrik Eriksson manages both the restaurant at the National Museum and the Långbro Inn. During his many years as a restaurateur, he has built his brand and continuously worked hard to reduce the staff turnover at his restaurants. He is happy to share his experiences on how to create an attractive work place for his employees.

– Structured work is important for the feeling of well-being, and great responsibility is on the employer to keep things in order. If there is no structure, stress easily catches up on you, especially in our industry. To reduce the staff turnover, we need to take the time to make new employees feel welcome and understand the workflow and which goals we strive to achieve, says Fredrik Eriksson.

 – This is everything from greeting each other properly when we arrive to having breakfast together every morning. If you can strengthen the relationships between employees, the feeling of well-being increases and makes more people want to stay, Fredrik Eriksson explains.

Create security for your employees
Fredrik Eriksson works with soft values and uses different methods to create security and good working conditions. His businesses are members of the Visita industry organisation and all employees have collective agreements – security is of the utmost importance to be an attractive employer, he underlines.

Fredrik has also developed ‘the tavern code’, a tool with which employees in an easily accessible way can find out their rights. Everything from the right to parental leave to payment dates for wages is listed here.

Encourage activities that strengthen the team
– We want to achieve a strong team feeling and it is important to encourage activities that bring the staff closer together, for example wine lotteries, study tours and sports activities where all can take part. It is about creating a work place where people have fun and feel involved, claims Fredrik Eriksson.

GastroNord is open April 5–7 and is a fantastic opportunity to meet the industry all in one place.