Bocuse d'Or

Jimmi Eriksson will be 2021's candidate at Bocuse d'Or 2022-2023. The competiton took place at the Restaurangakademien in Stockholm.

The candidates where Christian Siberg with commis OIiver Wallerius and coach Jon Hollströmby his side.

Jimmi Eriksson had commis Thilda Mårtensson and coach Martin Brag in his team

Both teams served two dishes each. The first was a vegetarian with mushroom and potatoes as main product. The other one was a meat dish with rapeseed pig from Scan with gravy. Three garnish, one of which should be vegan. 

The Jury:

Jonas Dahlbom - chairman of the jury
Tommy Myllymäki
Henrik Norström
Florencia Abella
Markus Aujalay
Sebastian Gibrand