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Flexbar - A Swedish innovator crafting revolutionary mobile bars in the heart of Gothenburg. Seamlessly blending style, practicality, and flexibility, our minimalist Scandinavian designs set up in 30 seconds, offering versatile functionality for various applications. Committed to quality, customization, and innovation, Flexbar is ready to bring your unique vision to life, ensuring a touch of sophistication in any setting.
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    Flexbar - Mobile Bar Flexbar presents a revolutionary mobile bar, meticulously crafted in Gothenburg, Sweden, combining style, practicality, and flexibility. Assemble effortlessly in 30 seconds, our minimalist Scandinavian design seamlessly integrates into any setting, whether indoor lounges or outdoor events. Beyond functionality, customization options abound - from material selection to unique finishes, ensuring your Flexbar reflects your distinct taste and style. Link to the product »




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