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Cecilia Oldne - FoodTech-talare

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Johan Jörgensen bjuder in de främsta talarna i världen inom FoodTech:
Cecilia Oldne, Entrepreneur, Game Changer, Investor, Top Woman of Wine and Influencer.

About Cecilia Oldne:
Cecilia moved from Stockholm to Mumbai in 2007 to spark what is today called the Indian Wine Revolution. She has been instrumental in the success of India’s largest wine company Sula Vineyards – a company with today 70% market share India – and a company in which she is also an investor. During her time with Sula she placed India on the world wine map and the wines are today available in 30 countries. The company had over 400,000 visitors last year making it one of the world’s most visited wineries and the most visited tourist destination in Maharashtra that is non-religious.

Cecilia is a Business Advisor with homes in both Stockholm and Mumbai and she wears multiple hats. She is Sweden-India Business Council’s Brand Ambassador and also Amphora Portfolio Management’s Asia Partner. Amphora is a leading Fine Wine investment firm. Wine has outperformed the turbulent equity market over the past 15 years.
Cecilia has also been instrumental in the opening of Soho House Mumbai. Soho House being one of the world’s most sought after memberships.
This trailblazer moved to India to make a difference and to inspire. She is today spearheading a program working towards empowering women in India, also aiming for more diversity at the top, including in the boardrooms.
Cecilia is also a finalist in Climate Launch Pad - the world’s largest green business idea competition. Her soon to be launched app is a point based system providing a platform for consumers, organizations and companies to easy and rewardingly help save the environment.


About Johan Jörgensen:
Founder, Sweden Foodtech. Johan has done Internet since it began and foodtech is his specialty. No, let’s call it passion. Or, rather, obsession. The food system must change and tech is the way forward. Don’t ask him about foodtech – he won’t stop talking…

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