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Ross Forder - FoodTech-talare

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Tema Hälsa:

Johan Jörgensen bjuder in de främsta talarna i världen inom FoodTech:
Ross Forder

About Ross Forder:
Prior to Halo Burger, Ross spent 4.5 years working at Tesla primarily in sales management positions and ultimately leading sales/delivery training across Western EU & Middle East. Being inspired in meetings with Elon Musk to dream bigger and achieve more, he realised that there is more beneficial environmental impact to be had by helping change the type of protein we consume as a species on a regular basis. Thus he set out to disrupt the fast food industry by creating a plant based burger concept designed to take plant based eating mainstream, globally. Halo Burger provides a delicious no compromise fast food burger experience aimed at the meat eating majority and showcases the very latest plant based food tech such as the Beyond Burger.

About Johan Jörgensen:
Founder, Sweden Foodtech. Johan has done Internet since it began and foodtech is his specialty. No, let’s call it passion. Or, rather, obsession. The food system must change and tech is the way forward. Don’t ask him about foodtech – he won’t stop talking…

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