Moderna delikatesser - Edible Insects

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Föreläsare: Jakob Rukov 

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that to counter global warming, it will - among other things - be necessary to change the way we produce and consume proteins. Edible insects, such as many species of crickets and grasshoppers, offer a sustainable protein source, since they require fewer ressources and emit much less carbon dioxide during production than traditional meat. They are therefore potentially a cornerstone in Europes path to a more sustainable food culture. Food legislation regarding edible insects is slowly catching up with edible insect recently being allowed for consumption in Sweden, and insect-by-insect they are also being allowed in the rest of the European Community. Next step - and the topic of this talk - is to identify the formats that will appeal most to European consumers. Jakob Rukov holds a PhD in Biology and is the founder of Syngja, a Copenhagen-based cricket farm and producer of cricket retail products.

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