Panel debate at GastroNord - the factors that will attract young people to your work place

Good colleagues and work environment, followed by salary and benefits, are the first things on the list of the most important factors when choosing an employer, a study by Academic Work and Kantar Sifo shows. As number 5, we find safe employment and company stability, a topic that has become a higher priority since the pandemic created insecurity on the job market. The factors which will be prioritised when choosing a work place is therefore an issue which will be addressed in a panel debate at the fair.

Peter Thomelius, Skills Supply Manager at Visita, among other things works with issues regarding the attractive work place and how the hospitality industry as a whole can attract young talent.

– In our business, it is very attractive to offer collective agreements. This shows that the employer is on top of things and that they are doing the right thing as a company, and the staff can feel a sense of security. The employees need confidence in the organisation and trust that you as an employer will handle your obligations and your company in a professional manner, says Peter Thomelius.

Peter Thomelius also emphasises the importance of the social sustainability in the work place, which also is high on the list of important factors in the work place.

‘Keep your ear to the ground’

Due to the competition in the restaurant industry, it is not only about making the industry itself attractive, but also to make your own business stand out from the crowd to attract competent manpower.

– There are several surveys that show how young people’s work preferences shift over time and as an employer, you have to keep your ear to the ground to be able to appeal to the manpower you would like to attract. The studies cover several industries, but the restaurant industry has to be able to compete with similar working conditions to be able to be seen as an attractive work place, says Annika Linderoth, Project Manager at GastroNord.

The restaurant industry has long suffered the lack of competent staff, something that has been drastically worsened by the effects of the pandemic.

– Many have left the industry and trained themselves in other areas, which has created problems with starting new restaurants, who have been forced to cut staff during the restrictions. There is strong competition on the job market for competent manpower, claims Peter Thomelius.

The decisive factors which will attract employer is the focus of the panel debate with leading industry representatives, which will be held at 1 pm on April 6 at Stockholmsmässan.

GastroNord is open between April 5-7, 2022, at Stockholmsmässan.