Participate in the Wine & Champagne Bar!

As an importer, you have the opportunity to participate with your products – champagne, sparkling and rosé wine - and show the visitors your brands at the Wine & Champagne Bar.

We want to offer our visitors the opportunity to sample a good selection of champagne and wines from many different importers.

The bar will be staffed with skilled staff and GastroNord will promote the activity in all channels before and during the exhibition.

Registration is closed!

Registration fee:
SEK 2 200 excl VAT. For that amount you can register up to five wines. 
Do you want to register only one wine? SEK 950 excl VAT.

For participation in the bar, 24 bottles are required (36 bottles are needed if it´s sparkling wine).

Please deliver the bottles no later than Thursday 24th of March to
Parkeringsvägen 10
125 35 Älvsjö, Sweden
Please mark the cartons with ”GastroNord/ Wine & Champagne Bar C07:21

For questions please contact GastroNord's bar consultant:
Blaise de la Croix
Phone: +46 709 66 28 69
Mobile: +33651236454


Important information regarding alcohol rules:
Mässrestauranger AB has a license to serve alcohol for the entire premises. We therefore have to adhere to the regulations that normally apply for restaurants concerning alcohol.

In order to satisfy official requirements concerning the permissible serving of alcohol during the fair we will employ the following routines:


This means that you need to fill in a form called ”List of alcohol”: Please fill in which wines you have registered.
The form »

Use the stand number C07:21 in the form.


For Mässrestaurangers financial records you are kindly requested to send them an invoice, in the amount of SEK 5,000 excl VAT.

Example of invoice incl address »


Please fill in the form and send the invoice, to Mässrestauranger, no later than Tuesday 22nd of March.


After the fair Mässrestauranger will send you an invoice, in the same amount, for serving services. In this way there are no costs involved, and, there is no exchange of money between the two



Producers, trade offices and companies without Swedish license to import or wholesale:

Exhibitors that don´t hold a Swedish license to wholesale alcohol must have all alcoholic Beverages cleared by Swedish customs. Customs clearance can only be made by a license holding company. The holder of the license must contact Mässrestauranger and go through the procedure described above.


The company that can assist exhibitors at GastroNord 2020 is Herdenstam Vinhandel,  or +46 70 839 18 43.

N.B the cost for this is not included in the registration fee.


Read more about it here »